Executes a Kuzzle's API action.

This methods does not trigger API events or request:on* events.


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execute(request, [callback]);

Arguments Type Description
request Request The API query to execute
Callback to call with the API execution result


The execute function resolves to an updated Request object, with its response part set.

How the response is returned depends whether a callback argument is provided:

  • if it is: the execute function returns nothing, and the callback is called once the API call is finished, with the following arguments: callback(error, request)
  • otherwise: the execute function returns a promise, resolving to the updated request, or rejected with a KuzzleError object


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const request = new context.constructors.Request({
  index: 'index',
  collection: 'collection',
  controller: 'document',
  action: 'get',
  _id: 'documentID'

try {
  // Mutates the provided Request object by updating the response part of
  // it (accessible through the "request.response" property).
  await context.accessors.execute(request);
} catch (error) {
  // "error" is an object inheriting the KuzzleError class